About the Author

Dr. Thavamani, MBBS, DGO, MBA, PHD, MSc, PGDYTD is a compassionate physician with 34 years of experience in various medical fields. Specializing in OBGYN, General Practice, School Health Services, Family Medicine, Women and Child Health, Mental Health First Aid, Medical and Spiritual Counseling, Health Education, Research, Basic cosmetology, and Health Care Management, she has dedicated her career to providing exceptional medical care and support to patients.
Alongside her professional endeavors, she is an author, avid traveler, nature enthusiast, avid reader, yoga practitioner, and advocate for empowering women and children through her book “Holistic approach to Women’s Health”, released in Sharjah International Book Festival.
With a profound belief in the power of individual peace for world peace, Dr.Thavamani strives to inspire and support her fellow doctors in achieving a harmonious balance between their professional and personal lives. She aims to touch the lives of one million doctors, guiding them on a transformative journey towards self-care and fulfilment. Dr. Thavamani truly embodies the spirit of a peace ambassador, spreading healing and well-being throughout the world.